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From the Grapewine

Cork stoppers

Italians believe that wine stoppers should be made from cork.  We really can’t imagine anything but the classic ritual of removing the capsule,...

Stories for Foodies

Gorgonzola, the story of a distracted cheese maker…

Gorgonzola is a town just outside Milan and also the name of a very ancient cheese – there are historical records about this cheese dating from the...

Let’s Meet the Meat

Barbecue or BBQ?

If you thought that barbecue was a recent fashion or that it only dated from the last century, you’re mistaken.  Indeed, it appears that its name...

The best Italian corkscrew ever!



Actually, that’s what we think about every one of our corkscrews because we have invested all of our passion and creative inspiration in every one we produce…

- Enrico Albertini

The entire kitchen on one chopping board…



Recipes often require turning on the stove top elements while preparing fresh ingredients on a chopping board. This is why we believe the chopping board is the heart and soul of the kitchen…

- Enrico Albertini

Design is our clear identity and distinct character



For us, design is more than a fashion. It’s not even a matter of style. For us, design is a continuous striving for excellence, by surprising the senses and enhancing the pleasure of living.

- Enrico Albertini

You dream it, we do it…

The leader of the firm, looking ahead with hands firmly on the steering wheel.

-Ketty Colpo

Passionate about cooking, wine and grapes, living a life of design through tradition and innovation.

-Enrico Albertini

Are you a professional or entrepreneur in the Food & Wine sector?


We can work for you: if you are an entrepreneur wishing to produce cookery and food articles for your brand; if you have a restaurant and want a series of exclusive products dedicated to your guests. We can produce them exclusively for you, working side by side from our factory. You ask, we respond.


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Design is our clear identity and distinct character


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