If you ever struggle with what to gift your friend who knows everything about wine…

… surprise them with a one-of-a-kind gift for an unforgettable experience!

The art of giving, for a thoughtful gesture from the heart.

Christmas, birthdays, achieving a sommelier diploma, anniversaries, and even weddings are not just simple occasions for a gift; they are special events filled with joy, laughter, good feelings, memories, and unforgettable moments.

The air is filled with magic, and part of that magic is the anticipation, the excitement of unwrapping gifts, trying to guess what might be inside.

But giving gifts… that’s a whole different story!

You spend days, weeks (and sometimes even months) pondering what to get for that special person who loves wine so much.

You search for the item they might desire the most, something that will leave them speechless, but at times, it feels like a challenging, almost impossible task!

You fear choosing something “ordinary,” too cheap, too generic, poorly made, seen and done before… and worry that the other person might think, “Well, maybe you don’t care that much”.

True wine enthusiasts have a refined palate, not just for varieties and vintages but also for the quality of the accessories they use.

Now, picture the smile on the face of your loved one who has just received exactly what they wished for; their eyes light up with surprise, and your heart suddenly warms.

And so, that magical moment will be etched in the memories of both, strengthened and recalled in the thoughts of that special person every time they use the items you’ve gifted.

3 GIFT IDEAS to transform the pleasure of drinking wine into a true ritual

When it comes to wine enthusiasts, we’re talking about a complex passion, rich in nuances and continuous discovery.

Here are some gift ideas that will touch the heart of every wine enthusiast:

1. Handcrafted Wooden Corkscrew

A functional work of art, essential for initiating the tasting experience in the most refined way.

2. Designer Decanter

Not just an elegant object, but a vital tool to let the wine breathe, enhancing every nuance of its aroma.

3. Decanter Funnel and Drying Stand

Often underestimated accessories, yet crucial for enhancing and preserving the integrity and quality of the served wine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a lasting impression.

You can transform your gift from a simple gesture into an unforgettable experience.

That’s why we’ve curated a gift set that includes all the beloved elements by sommeliers and wine enthusiasts: a collection of carefully chosen items crafted with care, art, and expertise, perfect for enhancing every sip of wine.

Seize this opportunity to give someone special to you a unique and extraordinary gift ❤️


  1. Lead-free blown crystal decanter, featuring a presentation ring for the stopper.
  2. Decanter drying stand with oak base and hand-finished details.
  3. Professional “Nebbiolo” corkscrew for sommeliers, crafted from light wood.
corkscrew wine bottle opener by legnoart

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