I was inspired to design the Ghemme bottle opener when I realised that men and women open bottles of wine differently. Women push the lever upwards with their thumbs, whereas men pull the lever upwards with the other four fingers. Thus, I designed a double curved bottle opener in order to meet the needs of both sexes. Gemme is the first unisex bottle opener. Yes, I feel a little like the parent of this politically correct invention. Certainly, in order to completely re-design a bottle opener, with an appearance very similar to traditional ones, you have to be very passionate and here at Legnoart we are all quite passionate. Ghemme is like other bottle openers yet totally different. Is it also better? In my opinion, yes, naturally… firstly because it has a blade to cut a capsule on the same side as the double steel lever which is removed before pushing the spiral into the cork. i did it in this way so that you no longer have to turn the it after having opened the foil with a small pocket knife. You can close the knife and open the lever without having to turn the bottle opener upside down. A subtle difference? Yes, perhaps, but this is also what design is all about: little improvements to make daily gestures more comfortable. This is probably also the only bottle opener with a convex knife blade, mounted on a small base which softens the operation of cutting the foil over the hard glass bottle. Just a little detail? Yes, but as Enzo Mari said, design is about making many small improvements to daily objects, even those which are centuries old, even if it might seem impossible to improve them or re-design them. Moreover, after holding it for the first time, you will probably ask why it feel so comfortable, why this bottle opener is so pleasant to use. We can explain right away. It’s due to its weight, or rather the weight distribution. Holding an instrument that weighs more than two hundred grams in your hands gives the sensation of holding something robust, like the Gemme. However, the secret of this sensation lies in the weight distribution. The large steel element, at the end of the lever, works as a counterweight which adjusts the object’s centre of gravity. This detail makes the bottle opener ergonomic, using its natural inertia, when turning the spiral into the cork. Try it and you’ll be amazed! I almost forgot: the Ghemme bottle opener has another “secret” that makes it unique. As well as having a double loop and a double rest for the bottle neck – useful for longer corks – it has an unusually long steel tongue which allows you to hold the bottle and bottle opener tightly together, allowing you to then push or pull with the other hand, to remove the cork.

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