This is a talk of meetings and passions, travels and discoveries.  This voyage has involved artisans, designers, lumberjacks, chefs and winemakers who have shared with us their dreams of creating objects for cooking and wine tasting based on Italian traditions and wine and food culture.  These objectives are part of the regional traditions of our country. We have been able to create these collections today by bringing together two generations of participants in the little fishing village where we are based, on the shores of Lake Orta, since 1946.


We live in a magical place, at the foot of the Alps and just one hundred and sixty kilometres from the sea, as the crow flies. It is a microcosm of Italy; mountains and sea. Thousands of diverse climates have created the deal context where over the centuries have been developed hundreds of methods of understanding culinary culture and the grape harvest. All of our products are based on this tradition and geography.
There is a special alchemy involved in the aging process for a great cheese or a top wine. It can take months, often years, and every time that one opens a bottle of wine or cuts a slice of cheese, we are participating in that same magic. We offer ritual objects for hosting a tasting and allowing the spirit to the sensorial perception of a culture that dates back through the centuries.


Some consider design to be the child of architecture, others say that it is heir to the applied arts. For us, design is the commitment that we put into every project in order to achieve perfect expression.  We strive for excellence because we want our products to be enjoyed and valued as family heirlooms for generations.


We only use raw materials of the highest quality, which we transform into exclusive objects. All our products are original, because during production our craftsmen work on every piece as if it were unique, with complete freedom of workmanship. As a matter of fact, every artisan is free to choose their preferred method to extract the best from the raw material. Even the finishings are handmade, so every product has its own inimitable identity. Production is undertaken in a controlled atmosphere throughout the process, in order to avoid the wood undergoing temperature shifts. We have control over the entire production cycle, which allows us to ensure the quality of our products.


We don’t go looking for profit at any cost; we respect the environment and natural raw materials. The wood from our products is protected and finished exclusively using organic oils, or with a special thermal treatment which hardens it, making it more compact and protected from parasites. The wood is heated to a temperature between 180° and 230° degrees centigrade, thereby assuming a dark, yet totally natural colour, with a more stable structure free from parasites. High technology is a function of ecology.
In order to highlight the wood finishing, we leave its structure visible – with open pores – so that the wood can continue to live and breathe. We want our wooden objects to be able to tell the story of the tree where they were born.


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Design is our clear identity and distinct character


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