BBQ or Barbeque is open to individual creativity.

Barbecue or BBQ?

If you thought that barbecue was a recent fashion or that it only dated from the last century, you’re mistaken.  Indeed, it appears that its name […]
Cork stoppers

Cork stoppers

Italians believe that wine stoppers should be made from cork.  We really can’t imagine anything but the classic ritual of removing the capsule, turning the spiral […]
Women prefer a LegnoArt corkscrew

Ghemme, the politically correct bottle opener …

I was inspired to design the Ghemme bottle opener when I realised that men and women open bottles of wine differently. Women push the lever upwards […]
Gorgonzola is a very ancient and very local cheese.

Gorgonzola, the story of a distracted cheese maker…

Gorgonzola is a town just outside Milan and also the name of a very ancient cheese – there are historical records about this cheese dating from […]
Pecorino, more then another cheese

Pecorino mon amour

Pecorino is a cheese produced in the most remote rural zones of the Italian peninsula.  Sheep are often the only animals which can be raised in […]
Prosecco grape in the grapevine

Prosecco, maybe not everyone knows that…

Prosecco is more than just another wine and its history is as interesting as the story of its name. In the Triestine dialect, prosecco means “chopped […]

T-bone or Fiorentina Steak?

Are the T-bone and Florentine steak (bistecca alla fiorentina) the same thing? I must confess that I’ve been wondering about this for a long time.  Although […]

Carpaccio, simple and aristocratic

Carpaccio is an aristocratic dish, possibly because the first person lucky enough to taste it was an aristocrat, Contessa Amalia Nani Mocenigo, in the heart of […]

Chianti rhapsody

The poetry of Chianti begins on the vine.  There is no such thing as a chianti grape, but the vineyards flourish in the Chianti hills, allowing […]