The website is freely accessible on line, but visitors must register before making their first purchase in order to complete the order.  Registration is free and simple.  It can be completed in just a few seconds and provides a guarantee that you will be recognised.  Please complete every field so that we can complete your order with the greatest possible precision, sending it to the name and address indicated.  A confirmation email for the registration data will be sent to you by email, confirming the user name and password that you have chosen.

Legnoart Srl will manage your data according to Legislative Decree 196/2003 (full text), exclusively for the purposes of this commercial relationship.  Personal data provided when signing the purchase order and/or compiling the tax receipt/invoice is excluded from individual consent as it is collected and held solely on the basis of tax obligations set out in European and Italian law and only used for precise fulfilment of obligations deriving from the purchase agreement.  Personal data provided by clients will only be used for the purposes of commercial communication or for undertaking market research with the Client’s consent after they have read their rights (article 7 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003) and the legal information notice (article 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003).

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Prices and Exchange Rates

The prices published on, as well as payments and invoices for orders, are expressed in EUR. The prices for products are to be understood as inclusive of VAT (with the exception of countries which are VAT free, for which the TAX FREE price appears). The price does not include further import taxes, tolls or duties. Such charges (different from VAT) are to be considered payable by the Client, upon receipt of the package, thereby fulfilling their customs obligations. Legnoart Srl uses BRT/DHL courier services with “Standard” delivery in the countries indicated at the price indicated at the moment of the order or when notified by Legnoart Srl. Legnoart Srl informs those who make purchases from outside Italy that debits to the Client’s credit card or Paypal account can be subject to variations, as they are based on fluctuating bank fees and exchange rates. (In order to simplify the purchase process, Legnoart Srl uses a currency convertor.) Legnoart Srl invites the Client ask their bank for more detailed information regarding exchange rates and bank fees for their transaction. We note that, although we are aware of possible high customs fees, it is not possible to declare orders with a lower value (by issuing a commercial invoice for a lower amount) and it is not possible to declare that products are gifts (by issuing a pro-forma invoice) unless the product is actually a gift. Orders must be sent with an invoice declaring the full value of the products.

Promotional codes

Promotional codes are personalised vouchers which allow the Client to benefit from discounts for Legnoart Srl products. The box for this service appears on the first page of the check out.  Once the articles are added to the basket, the Client enters their code in the Promotional Code box and clicks on Apply. Legnoart Srl places some limitations on use of the Promotional Code.  It can be used only once and cannot be converted to cash, nor is it possible to use more than one Promotional Code for the same order.  The Code also has fixed dates for the start and end of validity. The Promotional Code can be used together with coupons and vouchers issued for open credits. If the Client subscribes to the Legnoart Srl newsletter during registration, they will receive updates on promotions and promotional codes.

Forms of Payment

Legnoart Srl accepts the following methods of payment:


Client wishing to use Paypal can pay directly through their Paypal account. The merchandise can only be sent to the address indicated on the account and verified by Paypal.

Bank Transfer

If the Client makes a Bank Transfer, once they complete the order, they will automatically receive a confirmation email with the bank details for Legnoart Srl. The products purchased will be set aside until the transfer completes.  A copy of the email payment must be sent via email ( within 48 hours from receipt of the order confirmation.  If no confirmation receipt is received by the deadline, Legnoart Srl will cancel the order unless the Client sends an email ( explaining why they were unable to complete the formalities indicated.  The order will be sent when the bank transfer completes and as soon as the merchandise is available in our warehouse.

New Clients

We wish to remind our NEW clients that Legnoart Srl can request that Paypal verify the transaction before any amounts are debited to the Client. This verification process may cause delays in the delivery of your first order. Legnoart Srl reserves the right to request that new Clients receive delivery of the merchandise at their invoice address.

Order Status

Clients may obtain information on the status of their order by sending an email to: indicating the name and surname of the individual who made the order and the order number (found on the order confirmation email). Once the order is made for the merchandise available, no further changes can be made to the order. Orders made separately will be sent separately.





If the Client is not satisfied with their purchase, they can return the articles within 7 days from the date of receipt.  In this case, a Store Credit is created for future purchases. If a Client purchases more than one product, they can return only one of the products ordered. In order to obtain authorization for a return, a request must be sent to with the order number and correct code for the article to be returned.  Upon receipt of a return request, Legnoart Srl will send the Client confirmation by email with a Return Authorization Number.  This must be entered on the waybill, to be completed as indicated in the authorisation email. (The courier will take the waybill when collecting the package.) The courier to be used for the return must be that indicated in the email. The delivery charge for return of the products to Legnoart Srl will be payable by the Client. Compensation as described above is specified below in detail:

Store Credit

Any Client holding a credit note with Legnoart Srl must spend it in one transaction within 6 months of its return and it cannot be used in conjunction with other credit notes. This credit note must be used in its entirety for an order of an equal or greater amount.

Terms and Conditions for Returns

In order for the return to be accepted, products sent back to Legnoart Srl cannot have been altered or indicate any wear. The article must be returned together with all the labels, packaging and accessories as received together with the order. All products and accessories must be returned together with their original box, which is considered an integral part of the product itself and must not have been damaged and/or altered in any way, nor used as the sole external packaging. Returns must be sent inside the box in which the Client received the products. If the Client receives a defective product, Legnoart Srl will request photographic evidence before authorizing returns of defective merchandise ( Legnoart Srl will only accept returns which have been approved. Legnoart Srl will not accept products returned without approval or without following the terms and conditions of our returns policy indicated above. The products will be returned to the Client at the original delivery address.




Refusal of Orders

Legnoart Srl reserves the right to refuse an order if Paypal does not receive verification form the Client’s bank. Modifications are not allowed for the order once it has been processed.  Orders made separately will be sent separately. During promotional periods, deliveries could take longer.  In any event, Legnoart Srl reserves the right to delay delivery in cases of force majeur. Legnoart Srl may cancel any order or the provision of any service (for anyone at any time).

Final Client

Legnoart Srl has created and published with website with the sole purpose of establishing national and international commercial relationships with Final Consumers or real Firms. Therefore, Legnoart Srl reserves the right not to process orders which are not for Final Consumers or, in any event, which do not correspond to our commercial policy.

Requisites of the Clients

The Client must respond to the requisites of commercial policy described above. The Client must be over age 18. The Client must have the capacity to enter into binding legal agreements. The Client must have a valid email address. The Client must be able to use the payment methods accepted by Legnoart Srl

Limits of Responsibility

Legnoart Srl publishes its products and the relative information on its website to provide a service to users, but declines any responsibility for the possible presence of any technical mistakes and/or typographical errors.  If the Client finds any errors, they are kindly asked to inform us ( Correction will be made immediately. Legnoart Srl does not offer any guarantee that the information published on their website conforms to the laws of the Client’s country of residence. Moreover, if they consider it appropriate, Legnoart Srl reserves the right to make any corrections or changes to the site without notice. Legnoart Srl does guarantee that the website is protected by international internet standards. The Client can be confident that they will not find any viruses. In any event, we decline all responsibility for any virus (or other problems) which the Client might encounter during incorrect use of the website and we also decline all responsibility for any irregularities in website functioning due to deactivation of “cookies” in the Client’s browser. Legnoart Srl reserves the faculty to review and regularly update these conditions without notice. The Client must respect the terms contained in this legal note.



Methods of Delivery

Legnoart Srl uses BRT/DHL courier services (dal Monday al Friday). Deliveries cannot be made to P.O. boxes and signature is required upon delivery. The Client is requested to visit the courier’s website (, for further information. Estimated delivery times are: – Italy Standard: 1-2 days – Other countries: 2 – 5 days With respect for commercial laws, all Legnoart Srl deliveries are accompanied by an official invoice or tax receipt declaring the value of individual articles in EUR.  For sales items, the invoice/receipt contains the discounted amounts. Legnoart Srl will deliver the products to the address provided by the Client in the Order Form.

Delivery times

Orders are processed by Legnoart Srl from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 noon.  Any orders placed on Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday will be processed on the following Monday morning. Delivery is made immediately for AVAILABLE ARTICLES, and will be undertaken on the first working day following the date of confirmation of the order by the Client (subject to confirmation of product availability and Paypal verification for new clients). During offer periods, deliveries could be subject to longer time frames. In any event, Legnoart Srl reserves the right to delay delivery in cases of force majeur.

Delivery Tracking

As soon as the order is sent, the Client will receive an order confirmation from Legnoart Srl by email, indicating the tracking number and a direct link to the courier’s website to monitor delivery status. In the case of a delay in delivery (due to customs procedures or similar), the Client will be notified directly by Legnoart Srl.

Delivery of the order

When the merchandise arrives, the Client must carefully control the package before signing the delivery note.  The box containing the Client’s products is packaged with personalised Legnoart Srl tape and should be intact.  If not, the Client is required to sign for receipt indicating their reservations or they can refuse to accept delivery. In any event, once the delivery note is signed without any reservations, Legnoart Srl will not accept any subsequent dispute regarding the products delivered. The Client making an order enters into a commercial relationship with Legnoart Srl and therefore must accept their package. If delivery is not possible for reasons due to the client (incorrect address, recipient always absent, incorrect telephone, etc.) or if the client refuses delivery (with the exception of the cases indicated previously), the costs for delivery and any customs charges will be subtracted from the reimbursement due to the Client. Legnoart Srl shall not accept responsibility for any delays due to the courier or any cause of force majeur (strikes, transport difficulties, adverse weather conditions, etc.). In this case, the Client will be rapidly informed of such conditions.


The prices shown are net of VAT. VAT will be calculated at the conclusion of the order based on the country of destination of the goods, as required by the European Directive n.2006/112/EC. The VAT will be applied according to the following list: :
Tax Type Country Name Situation On Standard VAT rate
Value Added Tax AT – Austria VAT 2021/01/01 20,00%
Value Added Tax BE – Belgium VAT 2021/01/01 21,00%
Value Added Tax BG – Bulgaria VAT 2021/01/01 20,00%
Value Added Tax CY – Cyprus VAT 2020/01/01 19,00%
Value Added Tax CZ – Czechia VAT 2021/01/01 21,00%
Value Added Tax DE – Germany VAT 2021/01/01 19,00%
Value Added Tax DK – Denmark VAT 2021/01/01 25,00%
Value Added Tax EE – Estonia VAT 2021/01/01 20,00%
Value Added Tax EL – Greece VAT 2021/01/01 24,00%
Value Added Tax ES – Spain VAT 2021/01/01 21,00%
Value Added Tax ES – Spain VAT – Canary Islands 2021/01/01 7,00%
Value Added Tax FI – Finland VAT 2021/01/01 24,00%
Value Added Tax FR – France VAT 2021/01/01 20,00%
Value Added Tax HR – Croatia VAT 2021/01/01 25,00%
Value Added Tax HU – Hungary VAT 2021/01/01 27,00%
Value Added Tax IE – Ireland VAT 2021/03/01 23,00%
Value Added Tax IT – Italy VAT 2021/01/01 22,00%
Value Added Tax LT – Lithuania VAT 2021/01/01 21,00%
Value Added Tax LU – Luxembourg VAT 2021/01/01 17,00%
Value Added Tax LV – Latvia VAT 2021/01/09 21,00%
Value Added Tax MT – Malta VAT 2021/01/01 18,00%
Value Added Tax NL – Netherlands VAT 2021/01/01 21,00%
Value Added Tax PL – Poland VAT 2021/01/01 23,00%
Value Added Tax PT – Portugal VAT 2021/01/01 23,00%
Value Added Tax RO – Romania VAT 2021/01/01 19,00%
Value Added Tax SE – Sweden VAT 2021/01/01 25,00%
Value Added Tax SI – Slovenia VAT 2021/01/01 22,00%
Value Added Tax SK – Slovak Republic VAT 2021/01/01 20,00%